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Driver Arrested on DUI Charge After Crashing into Port St. Lucie Gas Station

Port Saint Lucie DUI Defense AttorneyPort St. Lucie Police recently reported the crash of a PT Cruiser into a gas station’s convenience store. Unable to reverse his vehicle and leave, the driver fled the scene on foot but was later apprehended. According to the police, the sweating and the disorientated suspect with alcohol on his breath verbally resisted arrest. He was charged with DUI, property damage, and leaving the scene of property damage. After being taken to the hospital for his injuries and released, the suspect was then jailed in St. Lucie in lieu of $2,650 bond.

The most serious charge made against this Port St. Lucie citizen was the DUI. In Florida the following penalties can be handed down for the first DUI conviction:

  • $250-$500 fine
  • Community Service of 50 hours
  • Probation of no more than 1 year
  • Imprisonment with a blood/alcohol level of .08 or higher with a minor in the vehicle (not more than nine months)
  • Licence Revocation for a minimum of 180 days
  • DUI School – Attendance of 12 hours

In a situation such as that of the St. Lucie driver, a Port Saint Lucie criminal lawyer experienced in DUI defense is needed. With over twenty years experience defending people charged with DUIs, Port Saint Lucie DUI criminal defense lawyer Jonathan Jay Kirschner is such an attorney. He belongs to the National College for DUI Defense, a highly regarded organization whose members are making progress and having success in defending DUIs nationwide. Criminal defense lawyer Kirschner has also earned certification to administer the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Field Sobriety tests. He has attended the “Mastering Scientific Evidence” (MSE) seminar, a state-of-the-art training meeting sponsored by both the Texas Association of Criminal Defense Lawyer and the National College for DUI Defense.

Port St. Lucie DUI criminal defense lawyer Jay Kirschner has the expertise to examine minute details and determine whether the State of Florida can meet its Burden of Proof in a DUI case. Because there are numerous technical and sophisticated legal issues involved in a DUI charge, the defense for this charge must include a knowledgeable and resourceful criminal defense lawyer such as Port Saint Lucie DUI defense attorney Kirschner. He can obtain significant data such as “source codes” of tests, information which has previously been withheld by breath testing machine manufacturers.

Costly DUI convictions can stay on people’s records. In Florida, the loss of a driver’s license is devastating since there is no public transportation. Port Saint Lucie DUI defense attorney Jay Kirschner will do everything he can to help people with DUI charges retain their drivers’ licenses and keep a clean record. Anyone who has been in a similar legal situation as that described above should contact Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq., & Associates, LLC at (772) 489-8501.

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