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Police in Fort Pierce Make 3 Robbery Arrests

Fort Pierce Robbery Defense AttorneyWithin the span of a day, Fort Pierce police made three arrests for three separate robberies including a bank robbery, a carjacking, and an armed robbery in a neighborhood home. After police investigations are completed, the three trials will begin. In these instances, a need for criminal trial specialists is evident to all especially the alleged criminals arrested in connection with the most recent robberies who will be searching for Fort Pierce Robbery Defense Attorney.

The most notorious archetype of robbery is the bank robbery. A man entered Seacoast Bank before handing a deposit slip to a teller who became distraught before giving the man an unknown amount of cash. No further reports regarding how the police determining the identity of the man have been released.

Carjacking in the state of Florida has a minimum punishment of 21 months in jail, and drivers charged with driving with a suspended license more than once can be charged with a felony. A local man was recently charged with carjacking and driving with a suspended or revoked license when he allegedly hijacked her car while she stopped at a gas station with a friend. He was later found in the car with the woman’s supposed friend and another man.

A 15 year old boy has also been accused of armed robbery in a local neighborhood. Authorities allege that he held a family at knife-point before fleeing on foot.

All of the above present unique challenges for the accused and their Fort Pierce defense attorney. Often times, the case facts are over-simplified to the public, but, in reality, present complex legal questions that only experienced lawyers are capable of answering. John Jay Krischner and Associates provide an option for anyone in need of a Fort Pierce Robbery Defense Attorney.

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