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Brothers Arrested in BB Gun Shooting Spree in Port St. Lucie

Fort Pierce Grand Theft LawyerOn Wednesday, May 25, 2017, two brothers from the Fort Pierce, Florida area were arrested in Port St. Lucie after they went on a shooting spree with BB guns in the city, as reported by the Port St. Lucie Police Department.

The two brothers, a many of the age of 21 who resides at the 6100 block of Bamboo Drive in Fort Pierce, and his younger brother, age 18, who lives within the 900 block of Sunrise Boulevard, also in Fort Pierce, Florida, face numerous charges after the incident. The variety of charges include grand theft, two counts of dealing with stolen property and a whopping 36 counts of criminal mischief, as per the arrest affidavits.

The two brothers were held at the St. Lucie County jail on Thursday, May 26 on two different bail amounts. The older brother was held on $68,250 worth of bail, while the younger brother was held on a bail amounting to $60,750, according to officials at the St. Lucie County jail.

The police reported that, sometime before 1 am on Tuesday, May 24, the pair stole two BB gun rifles, three BB gun handguns, cartridges and ammunition for the guns, a DVD player and a hoverboard that came from a Walmart store located in the 1600 block of St. Lucie West Boulevard.

Afterward, the two men proceeded to go on a shooting spree that resulted in 36 vehicles being left with their windows shot out and dents in the cars that came to around $12,000 worth of damages.

While the investigation was going on, the police reported speaking to a witness who claimed to have seen someone in an SUV exit the area, all the while shooting a few shots from a BB gun.

The police also checked surveillance footage from the Walmart. The footage showed two men walking into the store at approximately 12:40 am on Tuesday and subsequently stealing the items.

Police later discovered the names of the two suspects and the vehicle they were traveling in, which was a Honda Element. Additionally, the police learned that the brothers pawned a BB gun, the DVD player and the hoverboard at more than one pawn shop, according to the report.

The Honda Element was stopped by police within the 100 block of Thanksgiving Avenue and led to the men’s arrest. Police found two BB guns, cartridges and the ammunition in the vehicle.

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