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Nurse Accused of Selling Prescription Drugs in Port St. Lucie

Fort Pierce Opiate ArrestOne St. Lucie nurse needs an opiate criminal lawyer after she allegedly sold prescription medications illegally. The nurse allegedly sold the prescription pills to authorities who went undercover for the sting. The woman faces a variety of criminal charges for her Fort Pierce opiate arrest including charges of possessing drug paraphernalia and distributing controlled substances without a valid prescription.

The woman waits for her court date while she’s free on a bond of more than $50,000. Law enforcement said that the woman sold them prescription drugs illegally on multiple occasions. Law enforcement requested a warrant to search the woman’s home for evidence of the crimes. They say she likely took the medication from her employer, a medical care provider.

Although a Fort Pierce opiate arrest is a serious matter, there are many possible defenses if you’re facing a Fort Pierce opiate charge. Remember that law enforcement must prove each element of the charges against you in order for a jury to convict you of the offense. You don’t have to prove your innocence. That means that law enforcement must prove that the substances are controlled and that you didn’t have a valid license to possess them or distribute them.

In many Fort Pierce opiate cases, there may be constitutional questions. That means it’s important to work with a Fort Pierce criminal lawyer to make sure that law enforcement didn’t violate your rights when they stopped you or conducted a search. If law enforcement made mistakes or purposefully violated your constitutional rights, the court may throw out the charges against you. It’s important to work with a Fort Pierce criminal lawyer in order to explore all of the defenses that may be available to you.

All prescription drug charges are serious. In addition to significant jail time and fines, a person facing these charges stands to lose a professional license if they have one. A person who might want to get a professional license of any kind in the future might face difficulties because of the conviction.

That’s why we help each of our clients aggressively defend themselves against the charges against them. We deploy every technique and tactic available to us to conduct an investigation and prepare your case in order to achieve the best possible outcome in court. If you or someone you know have been in a similar legal situation contact Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq., & Associates, LLC at (772) 489-8501.

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