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Men Arrested in Fort Pierce May Be Connected to Homicide

Fort Pierce Homicide Defense AttorneyPolice are in the midst of determining whether the culprits of an attempted murder in Fort Pierce were the same culprits who murdered a 22-year-old victim in cold blood. Two males, 24 years old and 29 years old, had just been charged with attempted murder five days before the murder of the same individual occurred. Police stated that the two men were driving with a third person on January 12, and they stopped their vehicle and opened fire on the victim. The victim returned fire on them and grazed one of them in the ear. The male was taken to the local hospital where he received the appropriate treatment.

Five days later, someone found the victim deceased in his home. He was the victim of homicide five days after three persons allegedly tried to kill him. The police have strong reason to believe that the three suspects from the earlier incident went back and finished what they started five days previously. They currently have a warrant out for one of the gentleman’s arrest. They have formally charged the other two with attempted murder, but they have not issued formal murder charges. All three persons will need the assistance of a Fort Pierce homicide defense attorney regardless of whether the homicide charges develop.

Penalty for Attempted Murder and Murder

Attempted murder is a heavy crime that carries long-term sentences. A Florida resident can end up with a life sentence for outright intentional attempted murder. Murder carries a life sentence or the death penalty. A Fort Pierce homicide defense attorney is the only person who can assist with such charges. The defendants will need to retain the services of such an attorney to have a fighting chance at a defense. A reliable and experienced attorney can also assist a person in applying for a lesser sentence if a conviction occurs.

Call Jonathan Jay Kirschner

Attempted murder and murder are serious offenses that the defendant cannot afford to take lightly. Jonathan Jay Kirschner is one of the best in the business when it comes to defending serious crimes in the Fort Pierce area. His firm covers a broad range of practice areas such as murder and homicide, DUI, probation violation and much more. The firm not only has tenure but also it has the statistics to show what it can do.

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