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Man Sentenced In Fort Pierce Child Pornography Case

Richard Joseph Ahearn is 56 years-old and worked for the St. Lucie Tax Collector’s Office. He was recently sentenced to 6 1/4 years in prison for possessing and receiving child pornography. The sentence was delivered by U.S. District Judge Robin Rosenberg. After Richard is released from prison, he will be put on supervised release for 10 years. He will also have to register as a sex offender.

Richard pleaded guilty to one count of possessing child pornography and one count of receiving child pornography. He was arrested on July 14, 2015 after police found sexually images of minors on his computer. The investigation of Richard began when Yahoo! reported that there were several child pornography images uploaded to a Flickr account. They were able to trace the account to Richard’s residence.

Richard began working for the St. Lucie Tax Collector’s Office on February 1, 2013. He was terminated on July 31, 2015. This was two weeks before he was arrested according to Jody Williams, who works for the Tax Collector’s Office. This case was a part of the Project Safe Childhood, which is a nationwide project aimed at stopping the exploitation and abuse of children. The Department Of Justice launched Project Safe Childhood back in 2006.

Project Safe Childhood uses local, state and federal resources to locate and apprehend people who are caught exploiting children on the Internet. It also aims to rescue people who have been a victim of exploitation. More information about Project Safe Childhood is available on

In the state of Florida, possessing child pornography is a serious crime. Many people are unaware of the fact some computer systems will automatically copy and store photographs if they view certain photos. Additionally, many people are sent pornography without their knowledge.

Law enforcement officials are really cracking down on people who are caught with child pornography. That is why you need the help of a knowledgeable attorney. Jonathan Jay Kirschner has had several years of experience in dealing with child pornography cases. In fact, he has been handling these cases ever since the 1990s, which was when prosecution of these types of cases began.

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