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Deputies Make Largest Heroin Bust in St. Lucie County History

St. Lucie County Drug Defense LawyerPursuant to the execution of a search warrant, St. Lucie County deputies entered the home of 31-year-old man in Fort Pierce and seized what was reported to be heroin and Fentanyl. Deputies related that when they entered the home, the occupant was mixing heroin and Fentanyl on the floor. More than 600 grams of the drugs and $8,000 of cash were seized. Deputies reportedly saw drug particles in the air. A loaded handgun and a shotgun were also seized from the home. The man faces a prison term of 30 years to life in what is said to be the largest drug bust in Port St. Lucie County history. Heroin and Fentanyl are responsible for many of the county’s overdoses and overdose fatalities.

Heroin possession and trafficking of the drug are serious crimes under Florida law. If you believe that you’re under investigation, or if you’ve been arrested for any drug possession or trafficking crime, you’ll want to retain an experienced and respected St. Lucie County drug arrest lawyer as soon as possible.

The prosecution in any drug case is required to prove the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Jonathan Jay Kirschner has been certified by the State of Florida as a board certified criminal trial lawyer since 1994, and he has remained so certified for 24 years now. Many defenses are available in search warrant cases, that might include but not be limited to probable cause for a warrant, execution of the warrant and lack of consent when a search is conducted without a warrant. If he believes that any of these things occurred in your case, Mr. Kirschner can file a motion to suppress any evidence that might have been illegally seized, and a judge may well keep any fruits of an unlawful search out of evidence. That would leave the prosecution with nothing but a bag of thin air as evidence. You can contact St. Lucie County drug arrest lawyer Jonathan Jay Kirshner by using his easy contact form on this website or by calling him at 772-489-8511. Somebody is always available to take your call.

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