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Ft. Pierce Man Found with More than a Pound of Cocaine in his BMW

Fort Pierce drug possession lawyer

A Fort Pierce man faces drug charges for what police say was more than a pound of cocaine in his possession. Police say they found the cocaine in the man’s vehicle. The charges include the intent to sell within 1,000 feet of a place of worship. The charges also include drug trafficking. A Fort Pierce criminal lawyer may help the man respond to the charges.

The investigation began when a police officer was on patrol at 3:35 a.m. He said a sedan failed to obey a stop sign. The officer stopped the vehicle. Police say that the driver reported having nothing illegal in the vehicle. The driver declined to let the police search voluntarily. Then, a drug sniffing dog indicated an alert for drugs in the vehicle.

When they searched, investigators found a black book bag. Inside, allegedly, there was 1.2 pounds of cocaine. They also found a substance that they suspect is marijuana. They arrested the man for cocaine-related charges. A defendant has the right to a Fort Pierce drug possession lawyer at their arraignment and at all other court hearings.

Also allegedly in the man’s possession were 100 clear bags, a scale and some cash. Police may use this evidence to claim that the man intended to distribute the drugs. The man is released on bail until further proceedings.

The severity of drug charges in the State of Florida depend on the circumstances involved. The charges may carry a longer maximum penalty when the person has a large amount in their possession rather than a smaller amount. In addition, evidence of the intent to sell the drugs may also result in more serious charges.

A person who faces drug charges has a right to conduct their own investigation and present a defense. They may investigate the testing of the chemical substance. In addition, they may challenge the constitutional basis for the traffic stop. The court may dismiss the charges over the state’s objection if the police didn’t follow constitutional procedures when they initiated the traffic stop.

A Fort Pierce criminal lawyer can help the defendant address the charges. It may be appropriate to file preliminary court motions, take the case to a trial in front of a jury or negotiate a settlement. At all stages of the case, a Fort Pierce drug possession lawyer can work to develop a legal strategy that addresses the issues presented in the case and helps the defendant fight for their rights.

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