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Fort Pierce Man Faces New Capitol Riot-Related Charges

Fort Pierce Federal Arrest Lawyer

Hiring a Fort Pierce Federal Arrest Lawyer

According to news reports, a Fort Pierce man is facing federal charges for his alleged actions during the Capitol riots on Jan. 6. The 52-year-old man was initially arrested on Jan. 21 for charges of illegal entry. A court filing dated Feb. 8 lists new charges, including entering a restricted building, disorderly conduct in a restricted building, enter the Gallery of Congress, disorderly conduct in the Capitol building, and demonstrating in the Capitol building.

The man alleged to have engaged in disruption with the intent to impede and disrupt a session of Congress. He reportedly went to Washington, D.C. with his wife to hear former President Trump speak before gathering with the crowd around the Capitol. The man was interviewed by the FBI on Jan. 16 and claimed that he simply thought he was participating in history. A Facebook friend reportedly saw photos and videos the man posted on Jan. 6 of himself inside of the Capitol and immediately reported him to the FBI that day. While the man reportedly erased his Facebook posts, the Facebook friend took screenshots of the posts and gave them to the FBI.

On Jan. 19, the FBI asked the man for his phone, and he allegedly gave it to them. On the phone, the FBI agents claim they found a selfie photo of the man in the Senate Chamber and videos filmed elsewhere inside of the Capitol building on Jan. 6. The man reportedly said that he knew he was not supposed to be in the Capitol building and would take responsibility for his actions.

A U.S. Magistrate Judge ordered that the man remain free on his own recognizance on Jan. 29. Federal prosecutors said that they were not seeking for him to be detained. He has been ordered to stay away from Washington, D.C. other than for court appearances and meetings with probation officers or attorneys. he was also ordered not to possess illegal weapons. He will be back in court on March 30.

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If you have been charged in connection with the incidents on Jan. 6 at the nation’s Capitol or for any other federal offense, you should get help from an experienced Fort Pierce federal arrest lawyer as soon as possible. Fort Pierce criminal lawyer Jonathan Jay Kirshner, Esq. has been certified as a criminal law specialist by the Florida Board of Legal Specialization since 1984 and has successfully defended thousands of people against state and federal criminal charges. If you or your loved one is facing a similar situation, contact the law office of Jonathan Jay Kirshner, Esq., & Associates, LLC to speak with a Fort Pierce criminal lawyer by calling us at (772) 489-8501.

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