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Fort Pierce Man Assaults Motel Clerk with Cookies

Fort Pierce Battery Defense LawyerAs a result of a September incident at a Super 8 motel in Lake Worth, a 35-year-old Fort Pierce man is facing assault and battery charges. The apparently homeless man was arrested on September 29 after allegedly throwing a plastic chocolate chip cookie container at a female clerk. This reported action had taken place after the woman had stopped the accused from taking coffee and cookies from the motel’s breakfast area.

The clerk in question had reportedly asked the man if he was a guest at the motel. After he indicated that he wasn’t, the woman stated that the available food was only for guests. In addition, she requested that the man leave the motel immediately. Subsequent to those comments, the man then reportedly threw the container at the woman, striking her upper left arm and allegedly leaving cuts on her skin.

The man then left, with the woman calling Fort Pierce police to report the incident in question. After arriving at the motel, police reviewed security footage of the alleged incident and found that some object had been thrown in the woman’s direction. After being picked up by police, the man was taken to St. Lucie County Jail, where he was being held on $750 bond.

While the incident may elicit chuckles from those who read the story, the man under arrest is far from amused and is in need of a Fort Pierce battery fefense Lawyer. Jonathan Jay Kirschner has served in that capacity for more than two decades and is committed to making sure that the rights of his clients are fully protected in a court of law.

Kirschner strongly believes that everyone deserves a fair chance to defend themselves, regardless of their status in life. He knows that the charges filed against someone can often exceed the actual level of harm done, which can mean that sentencing can be an egregious miscarriage of justice against the accused.

In many instances, witness statements or even video evidence can be discounted due to factors that may involve misleading or exaggerated concern on the part of the alleged victim. Jonathan Jay Kirschner has handled assault and battery cases before and knows what truly constitutes this specific crime.

Therefore, if you or someone you know is in need of a Fort Pierce criminal defense lawyer, it makes sense to contact the law offices of Jonathan Jay Kirschner.

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