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Fort Pierce Firearm Defense Lawyer

Fort Pierce Firearm Defense lawyer

Ever since the trial of George Zimmerman for the shooting of Trayvon Martin in 2012, the discussion of gun rights and state gun laws has gotten heated, especially in Florida. The Stand Your Ground law is tested regularly, and gun owners are coming out strongly for the Second Amendment. The State of Florida prosecutes people daily for using their firearm outside of the limits of the law. Some may have known the firearm laws while other didn’t, but each of them needed an experienced firearm criminal lawyer.

In Ft. Pierce, Florida on February 27, 2014, Assony Eglaous was firing shots out of a white vehicle as he was traveling on US1 towards Gardenia St. Ft. Pierce police happened to be in the area and stopped the boy and the car at the intersection, and he was arrested. Witnesses said shots were randomly coming out of the car, but they could not see if they were directed to any person.

Sgt. Mellissa Jacques and other officers set up a perimeter to stop any others who might have been in the car, and they also used police dogs to search the area. The weapon that Eglaous used was never recovered, and he was the only one arrested. He is a teen being charged with a felony, and a skilled Fort Pierce criminal lawyer would be his best representation in court.

Surprisingly, no one was injured in this escapade, and Eglaous had no explanation as to why he was shooting the gun or what he did with it. Teens in Florida are not permitted to own firearms period, but there are also other Florida firearm laws that could be applied like “recklessly displaying” a handgun, carrying a concealed gun or possessing a firearm, which are used in Florida.

To learn Florida Firearm Laws, see Ch. 790 Florida Statutes (2007) or contact an expert firearm criminal lawyer. If Eglaous has not secured a skilled Ft. Pierce criminal lawyer, then he will likely be tried as an adult, and convicted. He will then have a felony on his record, and if he would ever venture out and fire a weapon again, he would have prison time, fines, probation and more felonies. If you or someone you know has had issues with law enforcement over firearms, contact Jay Kirschner, an expert Fort Pierce Firearm Defense Lawyer.

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