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Fort Pierce Criminal Attorney Battery

Richard Hughes Corley faces aggravated battery charges after police say he struck another man in the head with the end of a pool cue. This charge is a first degree misdemeanor, and Mr. Corley, who was held on $15,000 bond, could face up to one year in prison if convicted, according to a Fort Pierce criminal attorney.

Fort Pierce Criminal AttorneyBattery Charges

According to the alleged victim, Mr. Corley pulled up behind him at a red light and stepped out of his vehicle. The alleged victim also exited his vehicle, and was standing next to it when Mr. Corley walked up and struck him with twice in the head with the handle end of the pool cue. The victim knew Mr. Corley and identified him to police. Witnesses confirmed the victim’s account of the incident, but Mr. Corley and a passenger in his vehicle reported that the alleged victim was the aggressor at the intersection. They also claim he had gestured lewdly at them prior to the incident.

One Year in Prison

Florida law says that aggravated battery is a first-degree misdemeanor, which means that without the services of a Fort Pierce criminal attorney, Mr. Corley could face up to one year in prison. ( Despite the fact that the alleged victim exited his vehicle, which could indicate his actions instigated the incident, Corley was held in a St. Lucie County jail cell, awaiting payment of a $15,000 bond.

Fort Pierce Criminal Attorney

This incident demonstrates the need for those charged with aggravated battery to choose an experienced Fort Pierce criminal lawyer to protect their rights. Jonathan Jay Kirschner understands that not all cases are as they seem, which is why as an aggravated battery criminal lawyer, he digs deeper into the case in order to determine what the true facts are rather than what appears to be true at first glance. Just as in this case, the victim can be the aggressor, claiming they were assaulted even though the incident may have been instigated by them and not the person accused of battery.

Police and prosecutors are human, and they sometime rush to judgment, accusing someone of battery unjustly. If you or someone you love is in a similar legal situation to what Mr. Corley is facing, contact the law office of Jonathon Jay Kirschner online or by telephone today to learn what rights you may have.

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