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Arrested – Fort Pierce Homicide Attorney

Two teenagers, a seventeen- and an eighteen-year-old, were arrested in Fort Pierce on Thursday night and charged with attempted murder for the shootings of two men. The shootings occurred in the 2500 block of Avenue E. One male victim was taken to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center, the other to St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach. Police reported that both victims identified the suspects.

Violations of firearm possession is a continuing and growing problem in the State of Florida. Although U.S. citizens have a constitutional right to bear arms, the restrictions are many, and all are serious. It is a crime to carry a concealed weapon in the state, a crime to display a firearm in a reckless manner, a crime just to carry a concealed gun into a restaurant that serves alcohol.

Fort Pierce Homicide Attorney

For any charge involving a firearm in the Fort Pierce area, your first and best defense should be an experienced criminal lawyer who is familiar with the state laws and conditions concerning the carrying and use of such weapons. Criminal lawyer and Fort Pierce Homicide Attorney Jay Kirschner has many years of experience in dealing with the laws that cover firearm use and possession in the state. His knowledge and knowhow concerning Florida firearm laws can make a difference.

You don’t want a felony conviction on your record. You don’t want the threat of prison in your future. A firearm crime under any circumstances is a serious matter. Fort Pierce Criminal lawyer Jay Kirschner and his support staff of specialists understand the scope and meaning of potential crimes that involve the possession and use of firearms. The knowledge and understanding of the laws that deal with these matters can make a difference both in potential charges that may be levied against an offender and in the eventual outcome of the case.

Firearm possession and any charges that may result should be handled by the most talented and experienced team of criminal lawyers. If you have been charged in any way regarding the use of firearms, your best defense is the right criminal lawyer. You can find that in the Fort Pierce firm of Jay Kirschner. We are here to help. Call us today.