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17-Year-Old Charged in Tropical Smoothie Cafe Shooting

Fort Pierce attempted murder

Tropical Smoothie Cafe is supposed to be a nice place where people can go to have a delicious treat. Unfortunately, the police had to arrest a young man in an incident not too long ago. The man allegedly shot a customer in the face during a dispute about customer service values. The medics rushed the male victim to the hospital, and they have reported that he is doing well at this time. The police charged the victim with first-degree attempted premeditated murder. He’s going to need a Fort Pierce attempted murder lawyer to help him get through this situation.

More About the Incident

According to sources, the defendant had been ranting about the time it was taking the Tropical Smoothie Cafe employees to finish his order. He had ordered a rare sandwich, and the establishment was busy at the time. Therefore, order delivery may have taken a little bit longer than it was supposed to. The defendant entered the building while the customer was ranting to the employees. The defendant came in wearing a black mask, hoodie and shorts. He approached the victim and shot him directly in the face. The police feel as though he premeditated the attempted murder based on how quickly the violence started after he walked into the store. A criminal defense attorney Fort Pierce specialist might be able to assist him. They used the basis that the defendant may have been contemplating a crime when he shot the victim.

Possible Outcomes for the Defendant

The defendant is going to need representation from a Fort Pierce attempted murder lawyer. The state of Florida has harsh consequences for people who receive convictions for attempted premeditated murder. The penalty for such a crime has a minimum sentence of 25 years if a firearm is involved. The maximum sentence for such a crime is life in prison.

How to Get Help for Premeditate Murder

If you or someone you are close to is in a similar situation as the person above, you will need criminal defense attorney Fort Pierce experts to be by your side when you fight your case. You can schedule a consultation with Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq., & Associates, LLC at (772) 489-8501 to talk with a compassionate person who will listen to you and try to help you. We want to defend you and clear your name. Give us a chance to do so by contacting us ASAP.

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