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Vero Beach Resident Arrested


Glenn Carvajal, who is a 34 year-old man from Vero Beach, pleaded guilty to robbing a GameStop. On October 10, 2013, Carvajal entered a GameStop, approached an employee and handed the employee a note. The note said that Carvajal had a gun, and the register should be emptied as soon as possible. Reports say that Carvajal showed a black semi-automatic firearm to the employee. He also threatened the family members of the employee before he left the store.

Carvajal left the store with $500 worth of the employee’s belongings, $900 worth of merchandise and $700 in cash. Investigators released photos that showed a man wearing a New York Jets, sunglasses and a hat. Glenn Carvajal was arrested and is scheduled to appear in court on July 23, 2014. If he is convicted, then he could face up to 27 years in prison for armed robbery. His sentencing will occur in West Palm Beach. Carvajal will appear before Judge Donald Middlebrooks.

Interestingly, Carvajal was a manager for a GameStop in Port St. Lucie. Carvajal’s former co-workers provided the police officer with his name. The white and green New York Jets jersey that he wore stood out to his former co-workers. They stated that Carvajal often wore the jersey to work.

The store employee stated that Carvajal made statements that suggested he knew a lot about GameStop. He knew how the safe worked. He also knew about the abbreviations that were often used for job descriptions. Eight days after the robbery occurred, Carvajal was apprehended at a Vero Beach address. He was homeless at the time he was arrested.

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