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St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office Vehicles Shot

Fort Pierce Attempted Murder AttorneyA traffic stop near the Orange Blossom Estates community resulted in six sheriff deputies cars getting shot multiple times with an assault weapon. The 3-minute pursuit ended with three arrests and on person mildly injured.  The suspects will face a variety of charges including attempted murder.

All of the roads that were previously closed after the incident have been reopened, according to the Port Saint Lucie Sheriff’s Office.

During the press conference, a sheriff’s deputy said that all his years in law enforcement, he has never seen anything like this. He says he is thankful no one was killed.

Multiple cars and SUVs could be seen in a yard behind crime scene tape where the pursuit ended.

The incident started around 2:42 p.m. when a deputy attempted to stop a Honda Civic for a routine traffic stop at the intersection of 19th Street and Virginia Avenue.

The driver of the Honda Civic disobeyed orders to stop, and instead, led deputies on a slow chase. A passenger in a rear seat stuck a weapon out of the window and began firing at the officers.

The police vehicle was hit in the radiator and one of the tires. Although the car was rendered unable to drive, deputies were able to return fire. It is unclear where the shots landed.

The shooter continued to take shots at the sheriff office’s vehicles until the gun ran out of ammunition. The shooter then tossed the weapon out the window.

Deputies rammed the Honda at the intersection of Edwards Road and Sunrise Boulevard. The three men inside were arrested. Two were taken to the Port Saint Lucie Jail. The injured man was taken to a local hospital.

Fort Pierce Attempted Murder Attorney

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