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Saint Lucie County Criminal Arrest

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This web site describes just a few practice areas in the criminal arena.

There are many more, e.g., “Assault”, “Criminal Mischief”, “Contracting without a License”, “Indirect Criminal Contempt”, “Organized Fraud”, “Theft”, “Burglary”, “Trespas”, and “Firearm” prosecutions.

The list goes on seemingly interminably.

To see this myriad of laws, take a look at some of the Florida Statutes:  Chs. 800, 810, 812, 817, 823, 843 and 877, Fla. Stats. should give you an idea of the breadth of governmental prosecution of impermissible behaviors….

Each year, the Florida Legislature labels additional behaviors as “criminal”, and local Law Enforcement and Prosecuting authorities are required to attempt to enforce these new laws.

Saint Lucie County Criminal Arrest

Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer Specialist Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq.,has seen, handled, taken to trial, and had remarkable success in defending alleged violations of those laws, and endeavors to monitor the latest developments, both by the legislature in creating new laws, and by lawyers in defending Citizens against unwarranted Governmental intrusion into citizen’s lives.

If YOU require the services of a criminal defense attorney, make sure the attorney is properly qualified, credentialled, experienced and knowledgeable.  Give yourself the best possible defense.