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Port St. Lucie Teacher Accused of Grand Theft

Port Saint Lucie Grand Theft Attorney

Help from a Port Saint Lucie Grand Theft Attorney

A justice instructor is herself entangled in the criminal justice system after being accused of stealing from her students and the school where she worked in Port Saint Lucie, Fla. Facing multiple charges, including grand theft, she could be looking at a large fine and considerable time behind bars if convicted. This is the type of defendant who can benefit from the services of a Port Saint Lucie grand theft attorney.

The 47-year-old teacher and resident of Port Saint Lucie was accused of thievery during fundraising events intended to help Fort Pierce Central High School. According to statements from two other school officials, the suspect took some of the funds intended for the purchase of candy to be used in one fundraiser. The total amount taken from the school was in excess of $500.

In a case involving students, the teacher allegedly collected funds to be used in supplying shirts to 10 students, none of whom actually received the items. In another case, she reportedly collected funds from students who planned to take a field trip, but the event never materialized. The amount taken from students was in excess of $3,000. Two students who were victims of the scam were later asked by the teacher to refrain from discussing their losses with anyone else.

In addition to facing nine counts of grand theft, the suspect has been charged with two counts of petty theft and also with witness tampering. Although petty theft is a misdemeanor offense in Florida, grand theft is defined in a law that was recently adopted as the taking of currency or property valued at not less than $750, making it a felony. Depending upon the degree of the crime, a grand theft conviction can result in a hefty fine and a long prison sentence.

Port Saint Lucie Grand Theft Attorney Jonathan Jay Kirschner

Fortunately, a number of defenses are available for those charged with grand theft, including the lack of intent and the fact that the defendant may have taken something out of necessity or while under duress. A Port Saint Lucie criminal defense attorney understands the law and will use that knowledge throughout the legal process in order to reach the best possible outcome in a criminal case.

Those who have been charged with grand theft or other offenses can find the legal help they need by contacting Fort Pierce criminal lawyer Jonathan Jay Kirschner at 772-489-8501.

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