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Arrests in Florida Human Trafficking Investigation Reach 60

Jupiter Solicitation Defense LawyerA record number of 60 men are now facing charges of human trafficking and prostitution in Martin County, Florida after an extensive investigation. On Wednesday, February 27, 2019, six more individuals were arrested, according to authorities. The investigation targeted four day spas where the suspects were apprehended. On Tuesday, 11 men turned themselves in to police.

The Martin County Sheriff announced that 100 men total would be facing charges of soliciting prostitution after the investigation’s discoveries. Multiple agencies were involved in the operation.

Twenty-five men were charged in Palm Beach County of similar crimes. A few are celebrities who were captured on video soliciting sex from women in a day spa in the Jupiter, Florida area. The police subsequently revealed the charges.

The authorities revealed that many of the women who were working at the day spas were brought over from China and thought they were getting legitimate jobs. Instead, they were forced to perform sex acts on numerous men and were confined to the establishments. Police stated that the women were also forced to surrender their passports and essentially live at the spas.

Such allegations resulted in the authorities reporting that the spas were guilty of human trafficking. This is a crime that is defined as recruiting, harboring or soliciting people for the purpose of exploiting them sexually. Some people refer to this illegal practice as a type of slavery.

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office announced some of the arrests, which included men who were as young as 28 to as old as 75. The men are charged with soliciting, which is a misdemeanor offense in Florida.

Jupiter Solicitation Defense Lawyer

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