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Wife Beats Husband For Basting the Turkey

Domestic battery in Florida is something that occurs quite frequently in the state. On December 6, 2013, a woman was arrested and charged with battery for assaulting her husband. The reports state that the woman become aggravated after her husband did not respond to her question of why he was basting the turkey. Perhaps she wanted to be the one to baste the turkey. In response to his silence, the woman starting smashing sentimental household china and random glassware. The husband left the violent area and went to his bedroom, where his wife followed him and punched him in the face several times. She had alcohol in her system at the time. This is an instance of domestic battery at its finest.Consequences for Domestic BatteryFlorida is a state that takes violent crimes very seriously. A person who is convicted of domestic battery stands to spend a minimum of five days in jail. However, the sentence can become as long as 15 years depending on the circumstances. This particular woman may be charged with aggravated battery due to the nature of the crime.

In a battery case, the state’s attorney makes the decision on whether to prosecute the case or leave it as a matter for lower courts. In domestic violence cases, the prosecutor usually decides to move forward, especially if there is significant evidence of such abuse. Even if the person gets out of the ordeal with a probationary sentence, he or she will have the crime on record forever. Violent crimes can prevent a person from getting a home and a job. Additionally, felons are not able to purchase handguns. Furthermore, someone who is convicted of this type of battery would also have to complete a special program in which he or she would have periodic drug and alcohol tests and special classes. No one should take a battery charge lightly. Consulting with a Fort Pierce battery lawyer is the best step one can take toward protecting himself or herself.

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