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Elderly Woman Arrested For Throwing Glass of Kool- Aid at Her Son

A Florida woman in Fort Pierce was arrested on Sunday, April 27 after she threw a glass of Kool-Aid at her son at her home on 800 block of North 21st Street. Yeteva Mccollum was in the middle of an argument with her 33-year-old son when the glass hit the right side of the man’s head and body. Mccollum reportedly threw the glass after the adult male called her a bad name during an argument. She was immediately taken to St. Lucie County Jail after the incident occurred. Mccollum lives with her son and two granddaughters at the residence.

Although Mccollum was arrested for battery, she insisted that she was struck on the lip after she threw the glass, possibly by a fist or open hand. She said the object made a metallic sound, but due to her glaucoma, she was unable to see the object that struck her face. Her son insisted that she injured herself after she ran to a bedroom and possibly hit her mouth on a bunk bed, which caused her lip to swell. She had run into the bedroom before the son heard a loud noise, which is when she exited the room and came out with a swollen lip.

Police determined that the woman was the one responsible for the incident and was the primary aggressor, due to both evidence and the woman’s own admittance. The altercation occurred after the adult son was washing dishes and was verbally confronted by his mother. The mother is said to suffer from mental illness.

Mccollum has contacted the police on several different occasions in the past with false accusations against her son in an attempt to evict both him and his daughters out of her home.

Jonathan Jay Kirschner and his law firm are experienced with handling similar cases and work to protect the defendant. They strongly believe that each individual is innocent until proven guilty. The staff is intent on vindicating the wrongfully accused to promote a fair and equal justice system. Instead of allowing law enforcement to arrest everyone and leave it to the courts to work through the details, Jonathan Jay Kirschner and his staff work to look through the proof and provide a strong defense.

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