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Drug bust at Fort Pierce Motel 6 nets 3 arrests

Port Saint Lucie Opioid Arrest LawyerThe recent exercising of a search warrant in Saint Lucie County has resulted in the arrest of three individuals being charged with various drug crimes. One person in particular was the target of the investigation that led to the arrest of his associates as well. The warrant was served at the Motel 6 on Peters Road in Fort Pierce. All three suspects denied any type of drug trafficking, although the female defendant admitted to some marijuana usage in the room. However, what the officers found revealed otherwise.

Upon executing the search warrant, the local police found five grams of heroin/fentanyl and two grams of molly, also known as MDA. In addition they located 139 grams of marijuana along with stashes of both crystal meth and cocaine. The female occupant of the room, who is four months pregnant, had possession of 49 Xanax pills out of the appropriate container. Also of significance was a cache of Suboxone, which is an opioid in the same class the heroin/fentanyl. All of these substances are in violation of the Florida controlled substance laws and even possession can result in significant prison sentences for all three parties, meaning they will all need a Port Saint Lucie opioid arrest lawyer representing their cases.

The primary suspect was ordered held in Indian River County Jail on $136,000 bond. The other two defendants are being held on approximately $45,000 bond each, as most of the drug haul was applied to the charges against the original target. The police were acting on a tip from a resident who had observed the behavior of the defendants and reported them to the police. The city of Port St. Lucie issued a statement following the arrest alluding to their cooperation with the national emphasis on all drugs locally, but in particular regarding the recent focus on opioid use.

All three of these defendants are likely facing harsh jail terms, but they will still need legal counsel from an aggressive Port Saint Lucie criminal defense attorney lawyer like Jonathan Jay Kirschner who understands their predicament and can negotiate a potential case settlement or dismissal if the arrest was not conducted properly.

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