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Bradley Perron

Brad Perron, CCDI, CPS, delivers 16 years of experience in the area of investigation and forensic science consulting. Mr. Perron has earned the designation of Board Certified Criminal Defense Investigator and maintains his status as a Florida Licensed Private Investigator. He has successfully closed thousands of cases during his career by applying a combination of logic and reasoning that allows for creative and critical thinking. Mr. Perron is a member of mensa and earned his B.S. Degree in a Biological Science from Roger William’s University. His expertise is in the area of Bloodstain Detection and Interpretation at the crime scene and he has been recognized by the courts as an “Expert”. Mr. Perron’s expertise in the area of forensic science allows him to pursue a broad range of issues associated with the question of guilt or innocence. In 2005 he was awarded the John M. Russi Award of Excellence by the Florida Board of Certified Investigators. Mr. Perron was also presented with a National CDITC Field Commendation Award for outstanding investigative performance.