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4 Arrested in Fort Pierce Online Prostitution Sting

Fort Pierce Prostitution Arrest LawyerFour women are answering to charges of prostitution after police officers caught them soliciting sex online. Police say the women posted ads online offering sex for money. The women may need the help of a prostitution criminal lawyer to defend themselves against the allegations that they offered sex in exchange for pay. The women posted their ads on a popular website. Some of the women used fake names in order to post their ads.

Officials looked at the website and noticed red flags. They contacted the women and arranged to meet. Then, the women agreed on a price in exchange for sexual activity. Then, the police made their arrests. Because they’re facing a criminal charge, the women have the right to the assistance of a Fort Pierce prostitution arrest lawyer.

Police arrested the women, and the courts later granted them bond. They were held at the St Lucie County Jail. They will have future court dates in order to present their case with the help of a Fort Pierce criminal lawyer.

Law enforcement officials say that prostitution often brings other crimes along with it. Officials say that violence, theft and other crimes are common with prostitution. They also say that members of the community want a police presence in their neighborhood.

Most of the women face first offense prostitution charges. One of the women also faces charges of drug possession. Florida law 796.07 prohibits prostitution. The law defines prostitution as using the body for a sexual activity for hire. There’s an exception for married couples.

A first prostitution offense is a second class misdemeanor. The maximum term in jail is 60 days. Subsequent offenses become more serious, and the person responsible can spend a longer period of time in jail if they’re convicted a second or third time. In addition to jail time, person that’s convicted of prostitution can find themselves facing fines or a term of probation.

If you’re facing a charge of prostitution, contact Fort Pierce prostitution arrest lawyer Jonathan Jay Kirschner, Esq., who can help you advocate for your best interests. You have a right to the representation of a lawyer to help you evaluate your case. An experienced attorney can help you evaluate your case to see if law enforcement entrapped you into committing a crime. If it’s in your best interests, your attorney might help you negotiate a favorable plea offer. In any event, working with an experienced attorney can give you the peace of mind to know that you’re doing everything you can to protect your rights.

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