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Saint Lucie County Drug Arrest

Drug Cases

DRUGS !!!   marijuana wax, oils, and edibles;  Fentanyl;  Mushrooms;  ‘Mollies’  ;  MDMA;  DMT;  Hallucinogens;  Heroin. Drug use and abuse is pervasive in our culture. Despite the First Amendment to the U.S. constitution, and the liberty interests used to justify formation of the republic in the Declaration of Independence, our government has elected to regulate and […]


When a person takes a motor vehicle from the owner or someone who has legal custody of it by using fear, assault, violence or some type of force, this is known as Carjacking. In the state of Florida, Carjacking is considered a first-degree felony as described in Fla. Stat. Ann. §812.52. In order to get […]
Saint Lucie County Carjacking Arrest
Fort Pierce Internet Crime Lawyer

Computer Solicitation

As serious as mere possession or distribution of photos deemed inappropriate by the Florida Legislature, using one’s computer to solicit a “child” for sexual activity is deemed many times more serious by Florida’s laws.  (See: Ch. 800.04,(7)(b) Fla. Stat.  The typical sentence of Fort Pierce computer solicitation arrest carries a maximum term of imprisonment of […]

Computer Pornography

In Florida, it is a serious violation of State Law to have in one’s possession, digital images deemed “inappropriate” by the Florida Legislature.  Unlike “Computer Solicitation”, which is addressed in another ‘practice area’ described on this site, the mere possession of these materials (even a single photograph) can lead to a court, upon conviction, sentencing […]
Saint Lucie County Computer Pornography Lawyer
Fort Pierce DUI Attorney


In Florida, a DUI conviction can result in jail time, probation, community service hours and many other sanctions.Kirschner & McEnery Law has over forty (40) years combined experience defending DUI’s.  Jay Kirschner is a Board Certified Criminal Trial Practice Specialist, certified by the Florida Supreme Court, and is a member of the elite National College […]

Driving Violations

Although the most common arrests are for DUI, there are many non-alcohol related driving regulations that have been “criminalized” by the Florida Legislature, including Driving While License Suspended or Revoked;  Willful and Wanton Reckless Driving; possession of an expired driver’s license;   possession of more than one driver’s license—— the list goes on seemingly endlessly.   To […]
Indian River County Criminal Lawyer

Firearm Offenses

Happiness is a Warm Gun ?????? Perhaps…………..and even though the Constitution of the United States of America guarantees American citizens the right to bear arms, the State of Florida routinely prosecutes its citizens, on a daily basis,  for firearm “violations”.  “Recklessly displaying” a firearm is a crime. Carrying a concealed firearm is a crime.  Even if you […]

Internet Crime

The “information superhighway” is rapidly turning into a roadway to state and federal prison. Law Enforcement agencies strictly monitor the internet, and working alone and in conjunction with other agencies work to entrap innocent people into committing crimes.  For more detailed insight into these prosecutions, and to determine if you need the services of a Fort Pierce […]
Fort Pierce Internet Crime Lawyer
Saint Lucie County Battery Arrest

Unjust Battery Cases

The days of “live and let live” are over; when it comes to the arena of domestic disputes.  These days, law enforcement’s answer to domestic violence allegations is to “arrest everyone and let the courts sort it out later”. To be sure, there exists a “cycle of violence”.  It is also just as true that many litigants, […]

Murder & Homicide

Kirschner & McEnery Law Provides Full Justice for Murder and Homicide Defendants The first task at hand for those facing murder charges is to understand very fine legal distinctions between homicide and various degrees of murder severity levels. Murder is legally defined as a crime of ‘specific intent’ that ends another human being’s life by […]
Saint Lucie County Homicide Attorney
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