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Saint Lucie County Drug Arrest

Drug Cases

DRUGS !!!   marijuana wax, oils, and edibles;  Fentanyl;  Mushrooms;  ‘Mollies’  ;  MDMA;  DMT;  Hallucinogens;  Heroin. Drug use and abuse is pervasive in our culture. Despite the First Amendment to the U.S. constitution, and the liberty interests used to justify formation of the republic in the Declaration of Independence, our government has elected to regulate and […]

Computer Solicitation

As serious as mere possession or distribution of photos deemed inappropriate by the Florida Legislature, using one’s computer to solicit a “child” for sexual activity is deemed many times more serious by Florida’s laws.  (See: Ch. 800.04,(7)(b) Fla. Stat.  The typical sentence of Fort Pierce computer solicitation arrest carries a maximum term of imprisonment of […]
Fort Pierce Internet Crime Lawyer
Saint Lucie County Computer Pornography Lawyer

Computer Pornography

In Florida, it is a serious violation of State Law to have in one’s possession, digital images deemed “inappropriate” by the Florida Legislature.  Unlike “Computer Solicitation”, which is addressed in another ‘practice area’ described on this site, the mere possession of these materials (even a single photograph) can lead to a court, upon conviction, sentencing […]

Unjust Battery Cases

The days of “live and let live” are over; when it comes to the arena of domestic disputes.  These days, law enforcement’s answer to domestic violence allegations is to “arrest everyone and let the courts sort it out later”. To be sure, there exists a “cycle of violence”.  It is also just as true that many litigants, […]
Saint Lucie County Battery Arrest