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Methamphetamine Criminal Defense Attorney Information

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Fort Pierce Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer Jonathan Jay Kirschner handles cases involving methamphetamine charges,  illegal possession of Methamphetamine and  use of methamphetamine throughout Florida’s Treasure Coast, including Fort Pierce, Stuart, Vero Beach, Port St. Lucie, and in many other jurisdictions througout Florida.  Board Certified Criminal Criminal Trial Lawyer specialist Jonathan Jay Kirschner provides aggressive, innovative and experienced legal defense to criminal charges in both State and Federal courts.

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Methamphetamine: Methamphetamine has impacted the majority of Florida’s 67 counties and use is widespread. The 2006 Interim (January–June) Report of the Florida Medical Examiners reports there were 58 methamphetamine-related deaths throughout the state. Methamphetamine is transported into Florida in multi-pound increments by Mexican drug trafficking organizations based along the Southwest Border and California. Methamphetamine produced in super labs in Texas and California transits into Florida along the Interstate-10 corridor. A new trend has recently emerged which is the distribution of crystal methamphetamine from Atlanta area sources. Crystal methamphetamine, with high purity levels, is transported from Atlanta into northern Florida and then distributed throughout the state. There has been a significant increase in crystal methamphetamine use within the South Florida club scene.

Methamphetamine labs became a growing threat within Florida in the past five years. Methamphetamine labs inundated the state starting in FY 2002, when there were 129 labs to FY 2006, when there were 245 labs. The majority of the labs are small-scale, producing gram amounts up to a maximum of 1-2 ounces per cook. But the dangers lie not simply in the quantity produced so much as the number of labs and the consequences derived from them. Most labs are set up anywhere and are almost always portable. They have been found and seized in mobile homes, hotel rooms, outdoor areas and near schools. In the past, methamphetamine labs were concentrated in west central Florida, around Tampa. But in the preceding three years a shift to northern Florida and the Panhandle occurred. Most recently, the central part of the state is experiencing an increased threat, but whereas before it was mainly in the Tampa area, it now extends east towards Orlando, and specifically Brevard County.