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Three Men Arested at Meth Lab

Since the late seventies, the Drug Enforcement Administration or DEA has been collecting data on drug use and drug arrests in the U.S. In 2012, there were over 30,000 drug arrests made, and since 1986, there have been over 770,000 arrests into 2012. Central Florida has a higher rate of convictions and arrests because Florida is a state known for heavy drug use. The types of drugs that are made and distributed have changed over the past decade, but an experienced Vero Beach Criminal Lawyer is aware of the dangers caused, and they have the skill to represent their client in court.

Vero Beach has approximately 18,000 residents, and Indian River County has about 140,000, but law enforcement in this county have plenty of drug arrests. On April 15, two men and a women were arrested for the methamphetamine lab their were running in Vero Beach. This was the second one that was busted this year while federal authorities in the Multi-Agency Crime Enforcement Unit took down three in 2013 also.

Sgt. Eric Flowers stated that the drug problem in Indian River is neither increasing nor decreasing, but law enforcement is staying focused on this dangerous problem. If you or someone you know has been arrested on drug charges, contact a skilled Vero Beach Criminal Lawyer to discuss the arrest and find out about your rights. Attorney Jonathan Jay Kirschner has over 25 years experience and has an excellent, handpicked staff to represent your case.

The arrest of Tuesday was instigated because of drug activity that was noticed by neighbors. Investigators went to the house owned by Stefini Buzzell. Buzzell had been arrested just 10 months before in connection with manufacturing methamphetamine. She pleaded No Contest and spent six months in Indian River County Jail.

At around 7pm, law enforcement went to the house, and after several knocks with no one answering, they broken the door in and entered the house. They found Mark Bohannon and Jerry Shelly in the kitchen preparing the meth, and they also found supplies to manufacture meth, such as household cleaning chemicals, drain cleaner, lighter fluid, medications – 12 hour cold tablets and acid, which are combined and “cooked” to make meth.

This combination is highly combustible, so DEA enters the home and quickly clean out all the dangerous ingredients. This is also an excellent example of how law enforcement relies on the observations of the neighborhood. If you see anything suspicious, call your local police department so they have the information to work on.

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