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Robert McCarron

Dr. Robert McCarron is a decorated veteran and physician engaged in the full time practice of internal medicine in Vero Beach.

Bob McCarron’s resume′ includes:

United States Air Force, Honorably Discharged, 1974.
B.S. St. Peter’s College, 1981.
Recipient, Highest Service in Physics, Society of Physics Students, St. Peter’s College.
Resident, Internal Medicine, Jersey Shore Medical Center.
Clinical Training, Brookdale Hospital Medical Center.
Licensed to Practice Medicine in New Jersey and Florida.
New Jersey Golden Gloves Doctor of the Year, 1998.
Member, Southern Medical Association

Bob McCarron is a “Doctor’s doctor” whose vast array of expertise in a number of areas, not limited to internal medicine, has proven invaluable to the attorneys and staff at JJK/LLC for the past six (6) years.

Forensic science has become a ‘staple’ of criminal prosecutions, and Bob’s eclectic and voluminous bank of knowledge, as well as contacts maintained throughout the medical and scientific communities, oftentimes proves critical to establishing defenses to “science” utilized by government criminal investigators (both ‘good’ and ‘bad’ science’), to build cases against citizens.

Dr. McCarron also consults with associates of JJK/LLC in personal injury cases on the issues of causation and physical damage resulting from trauma.