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Post Conviction Relief

Fort Pierce Post Conviction Relief

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On occasion, citizens wrongfully accused proceed to trial, believing the American Criminal Justice system is infallible.

It is not.

No one is perfect.  There are “ineffective” lawyers, and there exist competent lawyers that simply make mistakes during the pre-trial and trial phases of any criminal proceeding.

Fort Pierce Post Conviction Relief

Adverse verdicts are abhorrent to all of the players in the criminal justice system.    Wrongful convictions are abhorrent to Prosecutors, Judges, and Defense Lawyers alike.  Convicting and imprisoning innocent men and women are an inevitable result of an imperfect system—-but merely because those results are inevitable, does not mean they are either acceptable or uncorrectible.  In fact, Florida’s criminal procedural rules provide a specific remedy for a citizen wrongfully convicted as the result of their lawyer’s incompetence and shortcomings.  It is found in Fla.R.Crim.P.  3.850, which is produced en toto below, with critical portions highlighted: