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Comedian Doug Stanhope Talks about Lawyer Jay Kirschner in Recent Netflix Special

When The Bull’s-eye Of The Government Is On Your Forehead….

Bad things happen to good people.

Anyone can have a bad day.

Or make a bad choice.

Or get unlucky.

When that happens, and you end up being targeted for prosecution by the State and/or the Federal government criminal justice systems, the results can be profound and life-altering.  It will cost you time, money, aggravation, sleepless nights, and —– if you fail to get the right competent, experienced criminal defense lawyer, your freedom.

Being stuck in an 8 X 8 cell with a “roommate” is not fun.  Not for a day, week, month, or years.  In fact, not even for a minute.

If you’re having a ‘bad day’ …….better call “Jay”

(772) 489-8501

Doug Stanhope, internationally known stand-up comedian, social satirist cultural critic, and entertainment icon, knows that when you have that “bad day”, you have to get “that guy”.  (If you’d like to see more of Doug’s work, go to either, or peruse youtube.

Saint Lucie County criminal lawyer Jonathan Jay Kirschner won an appeal representing Doug Stanhope.  For more information on this case click here.

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