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Fort Pierce Internet Crime Attorney

Fort Pierce Man Arrested for Internet Crime

A Fort Pierce man has been arrested by the St. Lucie Sheriff’s Office for the Internet crimes of possessing and distributing child pornography. The man has been charged with 40 counts, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Local law enforcement officials noted that the suspect remains in jail on a $440,000 bond.

In the aftermath the suspect’s arrest, law enforcement officials have reached out to the community. They are seeking information from anyone who might have information about the individual’s suspected criminal activities. This includes parents of children who may have had some sort of contact online (or otherwise) with the suspect.

The Sheriff’s Office advised area residents that the suspect may have had contact with local children. Children were described by a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office as the most vulnerable and precious members of the community.

Due to the serious nature of these charges, a person in the position of this suspect must retain the services of a skilled and experienced Fort Pierce Internet crime lawyer. Due to the unique and challenging nature of this type of case, a suspect must have the services of an attorney who has regularly defends these charges on behalf of clients. A great deal is at stake in these cases and nothing can be left to change when it comes to mounting the most appropriate and effective defense possible.

Fort Pierce Internet crime attorney John Jay Kirschner advises that the information superhighway — the Internet — is proving to be a road to state and federal prison for a growing number of people. With law enforcement agencies utilizing enhanced and more frequent online monitoring techniques, more people are being arrested for Internet crimes, including possession and distribution of child pornography, all of the time.

A person charged with an Internet crime, or a family member or friend of such an individual, can seek prompt legal assistance by contacting the law offices of John Jay Kirschner. By calling (772) 489-8501, a no-cost initial consultation can be scheduled to discuss the circumstances surrounding a particular charge. A person is best served contacting attorney John Jay Kirschner immediately upon arrest or even when an individual becomes aware of any type of investigation.

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