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Prisoner On Work Crew Arrested For Drug Delivery

Parell Seay, who is a 22 year-old from Tampa, has been accused of pocketing marijuana. According to a report done by the CBS Affiliate WPEC, someone from a passing car tossed Seay a bag of marijuana while he was on a work assignment. He attempted to take the bag of drugs out of his pocked during the arrest. However, one of the officers grabbed Seay’s arms. He resisted, and that sent the bag of marijuana flying into the officer’s face.Seay was then handcuffed and read his rights. He told the officers that he does not do drugs. Seay stated that he was bringing the marijuana back to the prison for someone else. He also told the officers that he does not know who tossed him the bag of marijuana. Seay said that it is a Department of Corrections thing. The affidavit stated that it is normal for former inmates to toss drugs and other contraband items to current inmates that they see working on a road crew.

The bag reportedly contained about one gram of marijuana. Seay was sent back to jail on charges of marijuana possession, evidence tampering, resisting arrest and smuggling contraband items into a prison.

Seay was serving time in prison for grand theft, which he committed in August 2008. He was also serving time for assaulting a EMT, police officer or firefighter back in January 2009. Additionally, he was charged with possession of burglary tools and burglary, which are crimes that he committed back in May 2009. In July of 2009, he was sentenced to over six years in prison. According to reports, he was set to be released in October 2014.

Drug use is very prevalent in our culture even though many people disapprove of it. Despite the fact that we are supposed to be protected the constitution, the government still feels the need to control what substances we can put into our bodies. The state of

Florida has very serious punishment for people who are caught with drugs. For example, if a person is caught with hydrocone pills without a prescription, then he or she could be classified as a trafficker. This person could also spend three or more years in jail.

If you have a Fort Pierce drug defense attorney, then you will be able to get off with a lighter punishment. You should contact Jonathan Jay Kirshner if you are facing drug charges.

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