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Former Pro-Tennis Star Roscoe Tanner Arrested in St Lucie For Driving with Suspended License

It would be an understatement to call the life of Roscoe Tanner tumultuous. He has had numerous legal problems since his tennis career ended, most of them involving ex-wives, girlfriends, and money. While much of his legal trouble has stemmed from civil issues that became criminal for failure to comply with court orders, his past criminal history has still impacted his reputation in southern Florida. Tanner may indeed be a victim of his own infamy, but legal problems do not just attack the common person. As a result, he may have legal problems again. Tanner will clearly be needing a St. Lucie driving violations attorney, as the former Wimbledon finalist and Grand Slam winning tennis player was recently arrested in St. Lucie for driving on a suspended license. To exacerbate the problem, he was cited for the same offense in March also.

Neither arrest reports for driving on a suspended license indicated Tanner was engaged in any other illegal activity. They were a simple arrests for driving while privileges are suspended, with the exception of the fact he had a failure to appear warrant serviced on him at the time of the previous arrest. Tanner’s past is once again a problem because he had failed to appear in court on numerous scheduled appearances, including living Europe for an extended period in an attempt to avoid arrest for outstanding warrants. The result now is that Tanner is being held without bond. A St. Lucie criminal lawyer may have room for argument in defense of being held without bond over a simple offense of driving on a suspended drivers license.

Driving on a suspended operators license when no other illegal activity is occurring is in many ways an “administrative” driving violation. The problem is that in Florida, a third conviction on a suspended driving offense is a 3rd degree felony. Tanner is facing two at one time with a prior offense. And, in Tanner’s case, the combination of charges in his recent history indicate that the failure to appear in court could have been due to the fact that his driving privileges are revoked. Tanner’s prior legal woes should not be a component of conviction on the current charges, and an aggressive St. Lucie driving violations attorney can argue to the court that Tanner may be a victim of an administrative law cycle, which could result in excessive continual punishment.

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