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Pharmaceutical Diversion

Pharmaceutical Diversion Illegal Drug Defense Lawyer

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Fort Pierce Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer Jonathan Jay Kirschner handles cases involving illegal drug prescription charges, illegal sale and distribution of prescription drugs, and obtaining prescription medications by fraud throughout Florida’s Treasure Coast, including Fort Pierce, Stuart, Vero Beach, and Port St. Lucie. Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer Specialist Jonathan Jay Kirschner provides aggressive, innovative and experienced legal defense to criminal charges in both State and Federal courts.

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Pharmaceutical Diversion: Unprecedented increases in levels of abuse pose a serious threat to the health and safety of Florida citizens. The Florida Medical Examiners report that five people die in Florida daily as a direct result of prescription drug overdoses. Current investigations indicate that diversion of hydrocodone (e.g. Vicodin®) and oxycodone (e.g. OxyContin®) products are a problem. Benzodiapezines (such as Xanax® and its generic alprazolam) and methadone are also identified as being among the most commonly abused and diverted pharmaceuticals in Florida. Primary methods of diversion include the Internet, illegal sale and distribution by health care professionals and workers, “doctor shopping,” forged prescriptions and employee theft. Florida has emerged as a center for Internet holding companies which organize (and sometimes control) websites, physicians, pharmacies, and even pharmaceutical wholesalers. The Tampa area has become “ground zero” for Internet diversion.