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Board Certified Fort Pierce Criminal Lawyer Jonathan Jay Kirschner has handled cases involving marijuana possession, and illegal sale of marijuana throughout Florida’s Treasure Coast, including Fort Pierce, Stuart, Vero Beach, and Port St. Lucie, as well as in many other Florida jurisdictions. Board Certified Criminal Lawyer specialist Jonathan Jay Kirschner provides aggressive, innovative and experienced legal defense to criminal charges in both State and Federal courts.

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Marijuana cultivation has become a lucrative business in Florida, especially indoor grow operations. These marijuana grows exist all over the state and are found in residential and rural areas in equal amounts. Numerous grow operations have been seized in South Florida and southwest Florida. Indoor cultivation has also risen in northern Florida. In the past several years, eradication efforts and weather patterns moved growers indoors. Additionally, within the state there are numerous supply stores that legally sell hydroponics agricultural equipment which is then utilized for marijuana cultivation. Domestically grown marijuana in Florida is coveted by users because the quality of the marijuana exceeds that of marijuana originating from Jamaica and Mexico. BC Bud marijuana from Canada is highly popular in the northeast section of the state, and organized groups in that area import it into Jacksonville for further distribution. Marijuana smuggled from the Bahamas is a significant problem as well. Caribbean polydrug transportation groups bring multi-pound quantities of marijuana into Florida from Caribbean locations via go fast vessels and other maritime conveyances. Marijuana is also imported into Florida from the Southwest Border. Tex/Mex marijuana is smuggled along Interstate-10 into the Panhandle.