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Heroin Criminal Defense Lawyer Information

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Fort Pierce Criminal Lawyer Jonathan Jay Kirschner has handled cases involving illegal use of heroin, illegal possession of heroin, and Illegal sale of heroin throughout Florida’s Treasure Coast, including Fort Pierce, Stuart, Vero Beach, and Port St. Lucie, as well as across jurisdictions statewide. Board Certified Criminal Trial spcialist Jonathan Jay Kirschner provides aggressive, innovative and experienced legal defense to criminal charges in both State and Federal courts.

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Heroin: South Florida is a primary U.S. point of entry for South American heroin. Miami International Airport is the main importation venue for heroin, which is secreted by couriers or in air freight shipments. In many instances, heroin is commingled with cocaine shipments and smuggled through legitimate cargo, such as flowers originating from Colombia. Cruise ship passengers and crewmembers are also being utilized to smuggle heroin into South Florida and this is generally done via body carrying methods. The majority of the heroin entering Florida is destined for markets along the east coast of the U.S., as Florida does not have a significant heroin abuse problem. The highest concentration of heroin use in Florida is in the Orlando area. Heroin is a dominant threat there and the majority of the heroin in central Florida is South American in origin. Heroin in southwest Florida and the Tampa area originates from sources in Miami, Orlando and New York City. Most heroin distribution and transportation organizations have ties to Colombia and New York, and are active throughout Florida. Once the heroin enters Florida, it is transported out of state via automobiles, buses and trains to the northeast U.S. Although Florida does not have a high heroin abuse population, the 2006 Interim (January–June) Report of the Florida Medical Examiners reports that Fort Lauderdale had the highest reported incidents of heroin-related deaths (9 total), followed by Miami (5) and St. Petersburg (3).