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Miscellaneous Cases

Client Facing 30 Years for DUI gets Traffic Ticket Instead

In State v. C.G. 2207MM400, the Defendant was charged with DUI while riding his motorcycle home in the early morning hours of January 28, 2007. The defendant hired Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer Jay Kirschner to represent him. Although the client had one previous DUI conviction occurring over twenty (20)...
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Botterbush Case

BOTTERBUSCH v. BOTTERBUSCH Cite as 851 So.2d 903 (Fla. App. 4 Dist. 2003)Donald L. Botterbusch, Appellant,v. Terri L. Botterbusch, Appellee. No. 4D03-1831 District Court of Appeal of Florida, Fourth District. Aug. 13, 2003Mother, who was primary residential parent of child, brought action seeking residential parent of child, brought action seeking...
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