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Driving Under The Influence

Client Facing 30 Years for DUI gets Traffic Ticket Instead

In State v. C.G. 2207MM400, the Defendant was charged with DUI while riding his motorcycle home in the early morning hours of January 28, 2007. The defendant hired Board Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer Jay Kirschner to represent him. Although the client had one previous DUI conviction occurring over twenty (20)...
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2010 DUI Trial—-Defendant Found NOT GUILTY !!!

In State v. G.H., St. Lucie County Case No.: 2009CT4328A, the Defendant was returning home late one evening after having dropped a new friend he’d met at their residence. As G.H. was a student in the Treasure Coast, he was not entirely familiar with the layout of roads, and was...
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Fort Pierce DUI Dismissed—Certain Jail Time Averted.

1. In State of Flordia vs. J.B., St. Lucie County Case No.: 56-2009-CT-1925A, J.B. was charged with DUI. If convicted, given J.B.’s driving history, he would without doubt have been sentenced to a substantial amount of time in jail. The facts: On May 24, 2009, J.B. was southbound on U.S....
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